Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Does anyone else find the design on this product packaging a little weird?
Kind of looks like the product...right?

 I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  Do not send chocolate to Arizona.  
If you do, it will arrive looking like this: 
Why yes, that is a milk turd dud. 

Why is it that when girls receive a compliment on an article of clothing, they tell you where they got it.  For instance...

Rachael: I like your pants!
Me: Thanks, I got them yesterday at Maurices!

Jo: Let me see your shoes, they're so cute!
Me: Aren't they adorable? I got them at Maurices!

It's like word vomit, you just can't stop it until it's too late.  

Watching old women dance/do aerobics at a concert (see story below).  Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I was unable to get a picture/video for y'all. I know, epic fail.

If you need more awkwardness, just read Tuesday's post!


My new pumps! I think I'm going to go back and buy the red ones, too. 

I went to see Oliva Newton John in concert last night with mom. I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person there, and I only knew one of her songs (Let's Get Physical).  However, it was worth sitting through the concert for her closing songs.  What songs might that be?  
Well, if you guessed songs from Grease, you're right! 

This song just never gets old...



  1. YOu should see the contruction yellow jacket I'm wearing right now. It's so heavy machinery doesn't run me over. I got it out of a box in the back closet.

    you're right. that was awkward. I need to go to Maurices and get my femininity back.

  2. I always respond with, thanks I got them for $5 or however much they were instead of just saying thank you. :) LOVE your black shoes!

  3. That concert sounds like fun, if only just for the songs from Grease! I love that movie!

    And oh my goodness, that first photo... lol

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