Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I think my calendar is wrong...today feels like a Monday!

Truth be told, I was struggling to come up with something to blog about today.
When I saw this post on Chelsea's blog, it gave me the inspiration I needed.
Her post was inspired by this challenge

I was...preparing myself for Baby C to leave.

I am...an emotional train wreck.  The past few weeks have been very trying.

I think...working from home in my sweats is the best. If only I could do it every day!

I wonder...if my grandma is watching over me.

I wish...I was debt free.

I save...mementos from vacations, with intentions of scrapbooking, but never get around to it.

I always...drive 4 miles over the speed limit.

I can't imagine...how some people are capable of not loving their children.

I believe...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I promise...my niece will be the most spoiled child on Earth.

I love...hearing G say "Nana, I'm so happy."  It makes me feel like we're doing something right. 



  1. I loved this post Alana! Love how your niece will be spoiled - that's how it should be! and I'm thinking of you as you say your goodbye to baby C.

  2. So sweet:) Your grandma is definitely watching over you:)

  3. I don't know how people treat their kids crappy either. It is totally beyond me.

  4. I always drive about 11-12 miles over the speed limit. always.

  5. Definitely feels like a Monday. What doesn't kill you DOES make you stronger!

    Xo, Rachel

  6. i always love your posts! hope you are doing ok!

  7. You're in my thoughts and prayers! I had no idea Baby C was leaving soon... and I am 100% sure your grandmother is looking over you!!

    Bittersweet post!

  8. I wish I could work from home! It would be SO nice! And I always drive a few miles over the speed limit too!

  9. i do the same thing with mementos, i have scrapbooks fill of things i want to put on pages, but lets face it those things will never actually get organized and glued to the paper LOL

  10. Your Gma is TOTALLY watching over you, and I have no doubt that your niece will be spoiled! You have such a big heart <3


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