Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hey y'all! I'm FINALLY starting to feel better and last weekend, I took a much needed mini-vacation (to Dallas). 

To answer your question, no I did NOT to go to the Texas State Fair. Hillbillies, deep fried *everything,* and walking around in the heat are nowhere to be found in my book of fun.  

What is in my book of fun, you might wonder?
And that's precisely what I did!

Naner, Cassie, and I stayed in an amazing hotel downtown and spent Saturday at the outlet mall!  Then, on our way back to Oklahoma on Sunday, I lost my IKEA v-card. 
Let's just say, I've been missing out!

Now that we've done a short recap, let's move on to some Awkward & Awesomeness. 


Let's talk about these shoes for a minute. 
First of all, WTF is going on with the spikes--hope you don't plan on crossing your legs.
Second of all, I think a tippy-toe walker invented these shoes.
Finally, after making fun of these shoes, we saw a stripper walking around in the EXACT same shoes. Okay, she probably wasn't a stripper, but she looked like one. 

Very Lady Gaga-esque, don't you think? I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about buying them.
Please ignore my extreme pastiness, bad posture, and lack of style. I never claimed to be a fashion blogger.

Now let's talk about how bad I suck at bowling. My scores are in the middle.
Yes, I may have started off with a strike, but it was a downhill slope from there. 
Clearly, I like to get my bluff in on people.

My mom checks her email and discovers that she has 23 new friend requests on facebook (a shock considering she accidentally created said facebook account, thinking it was a coupon), so she proceeds to go to facebook and look through this list of potential friends.  
Mom: (every few seconds) "______ wants to be my friend, "_______ wants to be my friend, ___________wants to be my friend."
Me: "Wow, you're so popular!"
Mom: "I don't even know some of these people."
Me: "Are you sure that's your list of friend requests?"
Mom: "I don't know--that's what it says."
Me (looking at her computer): "Mom, those are people you might know. THESE are your friends requests."


My new Coach! 
I usually don't shop at the Coach outlet; in fact, I think it's a little overrated. 
BUT I couldn't resist this purse--it's gorgeous!
To top it off, it's originally a $400 dollar purse, it was discounted by like 40% PLUS I had a 30% off coupon, so I spent a whopping $180 bucks on this purse!
Don't judge me! 

Who knew a place so great could be in a place so awful?  *cough Texas cough*
You know what they say..."Texas sucks, Kansas blows, and Oklahoma is stuck in the middle!" 
I'm really not a Texas hater, I promise.  
Please don't start the "Texas could form it's own country" speech, I've heard it enough times.  



  1. Those pink shoes are interesting... haha!

  2. I'll let the Kansas comment slide and pretend you were making a tornado joke.
    Those shoes are ridiculous in a bad way.

  3. I went costume shopping last night and I found these silver, glittery, spiked heels. I wanted them so bad. so so bad. But I couldn't justify ever wearing them again after tomorrow night.

    I lost my Ikea V-card a couple years ago. We didn't even go there for furniture. We went for the meatballs in the cafe. And now I think I'm going to stop there on the way home from work. yep. definitely am.

    and you bag is gorgeous. I'm not judging, but I AM jealous.

  4. Love your new purse, so pretty. I cannot believe it was your first ikea visit!! Isn't that place crazy? I could spend all day in there.

  5. OMG! I'm obsessed with IKEA!! and the really crazy thing is that I have to drive an hour anytime I wanna go. Which is all the time. LOL Those shoes are CRAZY, but I'm lovin' that purse:)

  6. OMG those heels scare me! I think I'd break my face trying to walk in them! I've never been to Ikea :(:( It's on the bucket list haha

  7. those shoes are ridiculous!!! and I have only been to ikea once but i love it! i bought a gigantic 12 cubby bookshelf for $120! Oh and I love your new Coach purse! so cute!

  8. Those shoes are hilarious - were they hard to walk in?

  9. Those shoes kill me! However, I love Ikea!!!

  10. love outlet malls! those shoes are crazy!! i kind of wish you bought them! and love your new purse!

  11. I cannot get over those shoes. How hard were they to walk in?!

  12. I would have fallen flat on my face if I tried walking in those shoes!

    and I could go on about how much I dislike Texas, but I'd be talking about the football team, not the state. The state isn't THAT bad. :)

  13. OMG... those shoes! hahaha!!

    And I love the Coach!

    How have you never been to Ikea?! I love it... but the Ikea here is all kinds of crazy. Italians LOVE Ikea and spend the whole day there... seriously.


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