Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To be rational or bounded rational...that is the question...

One again, my blog for today was inspired by one of my teachers. lol. He might possibly be one of my favorite teachers ever...the things he comes up Anyways, today we were talking about decision making skills (intuitive, rational, and bounded rational). After comparing the intuitive method to a woman's intuition, he began discussing the rational and bounded rational methods. He asked the class (presumably referring to the girls) what we imagined our husbands to be like when we were 9. After a brief hesitation, I responded "perfect." He laughed at this response and told me it was absolutely true. He said this "perfect" image was like the rational method because we had a checklist of requirements for the guy to possess. He then asked what happened when we got older and realized there wasn't a "perfect." I immediately responded, "we settled." lol. All the girls laughed (cause they knew it was true). I heard my ex boyfriend fake coughing in the background (cause he knew I was done settling for him). Dr. Elder quickly told us that he didn't like that word because it sounded negative. lol. Well, truth be told Dr. Elder, it is sucks that good girls have to settle for crappy guys because the good ones are either taken or gay. He told us that we didn't "settle" for less that perfect, that we went for the next best thing, which illustrated the bounded rational method. This guy seriously knows how to relate to me!

Of course he then went on to say that the girls who are still being rational (looking for perfect) are not married and single. Thank you captain Not only am I negative for using the word "settling," but now I'm also going to be an old maid?? Man...I don't think I like the real world. lol. Nevertheless, it made me think a lot. Should I, at the young age of 20, give up on being rational and ultimately "settle" for being bounded rational, or should I hold out and continue being rational? The stubborn part of me (which is every bone in my body) wants to remain rational. But is it worth it if I end up an old maid? lol

After class, I pushed those thoughts out of my mind and reminded myself that God will send me the right person when we're both ready for the relationship. I have faith that there is someone out there for me. I mean I don't ask for a lot; if I were to post a personal ad this is what it would read:
"Strong-minded young blonde seeking intelligent man to spend her life with. Applicants must be good Christians, cute, full of dreams, rich (ha ha jk jk, but that would be a bonus), family-oriented, and trustworthy. Non smoker. Non drug addict. Non STD carrier. Non cheater. Non loser. If interested, sweep her off her feet and don't drop her on her butt."

I mean come on, that seems pretty simple right?? lol. Until that guy comes along, I'm going to continue living the glorious life of the the single, young, intelligent blonde.

On another note, don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them. Life can be taken away at any, unexpected moment. Today (just like everyday), I am remembering my dear friend Bryson. Today would be his 22nd birthday. Even though the last words he said to me were mean, I know he loved me and he knows I loved him. RIP Bryson. Life is too short to not tell people how you feel.

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