Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Can See the End

My 40 page term paper ended up being 53, and I still have two weeks before it's due.

I am almost halfway done with my Business Law class, which I have until October to complete (yeah, I'm good :)).

I only have one more Macroeconomics class for the semester, which made me realize I don't think I have learned one single thing in that class. Maybe I should have paid more attention...oh well, too late now! lol

To complete this semester I have one macro assignment, two finance assignments, two tests, and one presentation. I'm almost done; I can see the end!

Once this semester is over, I will be faced with an unreal amount of free time. No "real" job + no classes the entire month of May = Lana relaxation time :)
That is, until I get so bored I'm forced to get a job or I have to have my surgery done. lol

Near the End of the Tunnel

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