Thursday, April 1, 2010

Go Ahead, Judge Me

I went to see The Last Song today.
I realize I am 20 years old and a little too old for Miley Cirus, but I couldn't resist.
It was actually pretty good!

I'm still enjoying not having to go to work, however, the $20 I spent today sure hurt a lot more than normal. Me parting with that money was like a fat kid giving up chocolate....

My good friend, Amy, got her acceptance letter to Dental Hygiene school at OU today. I actually squealed for her! Hopefully I'll get that experience next month...instead of the burst into tears and shred the letter real quick to make it all go away experience...ha ha

I have a test tomorrow so I imagine I should start studying...

I hope you had a great hooker boot Thursday (even though the day no longer has significance to me now that I'm unemployed lol)!

Oh and here's a shout out to my beautiful nieces, Shanna and Laney, who I recently discovered are dedicated readers of my blog! (guess I should start being careful with what I say ;)) lol

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