Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Up In The Air

My life is in everyone's hands but mine...
I can't stand the feeling of knowing that my future relies upon someone else.

My Dr. FINALLY sent my referral to the surgeon last Friday, so now I'm waiting for a phone call from the surgeon...

I am checking the mail box every dang day like there will a present waiting inside, but I STILL haven't heard from Rose State. Hopefully I'll get my letter soon; the wait is killing me.

I have an amazingly busy week for not having a "real" job or being in school.
Today: I worked in the Food & Clothing Room and went to Norman for Audri's "Shave It Off" event. Of course mom and I went shopping...she just HAD to shop for plants (I hate plant shopping with a passion).
Tomorrow: I have to do Business Law homework, work on my VBS curriculum, teach piano, and teach Bible school.
Thursday: I'm working in the Food & Clothing Room, typing a case study, and going to Shanna's concert.
Friday: more Business Law homework and case work, then family night with Mom, Naner, and Cassie.
Saturday: I'm going to Edmond for my dear friend, Autumn's, going away party then I have a ton of errands to run.

I'll be glad when next week arrives...maybe then I can have a break and know what my future holds...

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