Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Posts of Truth, Edition 14

Prompt #14: A letter to a hero that has let you down

Dear Lance Bass;

          When NSYNC first became popular, I was immediately your fan.  While the other girls flocked to Justin, I adored you.  You had the perfect smile, perfect hair, and you were just so darn cute.  Not to mention, you could sing!  I bought your CDs the day they came out, I bought the Lance Bass doll, I had your poster hanging in my room, and I even went to your concert in Dallas.  I was in love--you were my first love.

          My brother used to always joke that you were gay--he would mercilessly mock you, and force me to tears.  I avidly denied it and proclaimed your greatness.  One day, my world came crashing down; it was the day you came out of the closet to the public.  Andrew told me, but I still didn't believe him, I told him it was all lies.  I soon came to realize that Andrew wasn't lying, nor were the tabloids.  You were gay.  I no longer stood a chance with you because you were playing for the other team.  My heart was broken.  

         Thank you Lance Bass, for being gay and breaking my heart.  You shattered the dreams of a little, 10 year old girl.  You should feel proud.

Meanwhile, my gay-dar still seems to be broken....

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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