Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have a confession to make...

I have been fighting this addiction for years.
At time, it has complicated my life.
It has even hindered potential friendships.

What is this horrible addiction, you ask?
I judge people by the shoes they wear!

You have full permission to judge me for judging your shoes. 
But seriously, shoes tell a lot about someone! 
If you don't take care of your shoes, that tells me you don't take care of yourself. 

I understand some shoes are work shoes and therefore, in bad shape.  But if ALL of your shoes look like you waded through a swamp in them, I get disgusted.

Then again, maybe I'm just weird. 
I mean, I do own close to 100 pairs of shoes.
Which in my opinion, should show you that I take care of myself!
Or that I'm a shopaholic, I guess...lol

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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