Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Mad at the Government

Don't stop reading, I swear this isn't about the new Health Care Bill (although I foresee that to be a big disaster lol)! It seems everyone is complaining about that dang Bill--I have yet to hear one positive thing about it, so why did it pass?

Anyways, this blog is about taxes.
I hate them.
With a passion.
If I could get rid of them, I would.

I am a full-time student (usually taking 16+ hours), I work 20 hours a week at the law firm, I teach piano, baby-sit and I type case studies. I work hard for my money. Why oh why does the government deem it necessary to take my money??
I mean for real, I'm a not-so-poor college student who likes to spend her money shopping.
I give money to homeless people when I see them.
I donate my old clothing to the Food & Clothing Room.
Why me??

I only make minimum wage, but they still take around 25% of that hard-earned money, promising I'll get it back at the end of the year. But I never do. Instead, I owe them 8 flippin dollars. For real?? lol. Then they say, "well you'll appreciate this money when you're on Social Security." I got news for ya, at this rate there will be NO Social Security when I'm old enough to get it, so they're just stealing my money with unfulfillable promises. lol. Ugh. Frustrating.

Anyways...I love my TOMS. After a painful day in heels, I love nothing more than to go home and slide my aching feet into my off-white TOMS. They are so comfy :). I really should invest in another pair. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're even better than SHOX (gasp!!), which I own two pairs of. Also, TOMS are 1/3 the price of SHOX. Not to mention, when you buy a pair of TOMS, they give a child in Africa a pair of shoes! It makes me feel good for shopping :) lol. If you don't own TOMS, go buy some!
Dang, I feel like I'm advertising for TOMS lol

I am sitting in Macroeconomics right now "learning" about inflation, deflation, and unemployment (can't I just watch the news to learn about this stuff?? lol). I placed learning in quotation marks because I NEVER listen in this class, nor do I try on the homework. Yet, I have a 100 in the class. How? I will never know. lol. I'm counting down the minutes until the class is over so that I can go watch Bounty Hunter--I'm so excited to see it!!

On a side note, I shouldn't be in class right now; I should be on the back of a motorcycle (my new favorite place) with the wind blowing through my hair, on this beautiful, beautiful day...


  1. Toms are the best. I own like 5 pair. I swear they are the only shoes I wear! haha
    Oh, and inquiring minds (me!) are dying to know more about this motorcycle man. Text me sometime and tell me! :)

  2. I love TOMS! I have two pair!
    They have three places in Norman with them - Shoetopia and Lucca on campus corner and MetroShoe in the shopping centers north of Target.

    Also, I hate taxes as well. One year I had to pay 45 dollars in. I was heated.

    And, I would like to know WHO motorcycle man is! Lol.

  3. I usually just order them from tomsshoes.com. Also, there is a shoe store in Weatherford that carries almost every color of them, and I've gotten a few pairs from there!


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