Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If you haven't noticed, I have a slight obsession with song lyrics.
You can always find a song to match your mood or what you want to say.

I woke up this morning with the most random thought in my head.
My mother told me not to say things like this because it's rude, but I don't mean it to be rude...I just want to share some of the random thoughts that cross my mind.
For a moment, I almost believed this "dream thought" to be true (I constantly wake up thinking my dreams are's a problem). lol. thought this morning was "do black people have black earwax?"
I know this is absolutely absurd and I have no idea why I honestly believe what goes through my mind, but for a brief moment I believed it--this may be due to the fact that I was half asleep, who knows? lol. Anyways, I just HAD to google it. In case you weren't aware, I google everything--not yahoo answers--GOOGLE. lol. To my shock, there is a thing known as black earwax--who'da thunk it?? lol. But anyone can have it, not just black people.

On with my day...I went to class, which was miserable at best (another song lyric).
I have realized I am meant for online/independent study classes. I don't like teachers shoving information down my throat by reading slides to me that I am perfectly capable of reading myself. Most people aren't dedicated enough to do well in online classes, but I thrive in them! I'm currently taking an online class from LSU which I have 9 months to complete, I have been enrolled in it a month and am already 1/3 of the way through with it! I'm just good like that :)

Then I got a text from a guy I hadn't spoken to in months wanting to talk...I was thinking "what in the world could he have to say??" But I decided to give him a chance to get whatever he had to say off his chest. To my shock, he apologized for being a jerk!! I didn't know guys were capable of mustering the words "I'm sorry," but I guess I was wrong! lol

After school and work, I went to teach piano--it was there that my heart was broken. I was teaching Allison how to read music on the Bass staff (she's already mastered the Treble staff), and she got tired of trying and said "I hate piano lessons--it's too hard."
*insert the sound of my heart breaking here*
The instrument I have spent my entire life playing, the instrument I truly love and cherish, was just put down by a 4 year old.
However, when I gave her the prize she earned for the day, all was good with the world and she loved piano again. Oh to have the mind of a 4 year

Then, my favorite part of the day happened--I got to see my precious children in Bible school. I seriously don't think I could love a group of little boys more (they have my entire heart in their little hands). I have known these children, except for Diego, since they were born--I have watched them grow up and now I get to have an impact on their spiritual growth--what could be better?? We worked on our memory work and learned about one of my favorite stories in the Bible--the story of King Solomon and the two women fighting over the baby. We took turns reading the story, and my precious little Derrick (who I'm 95% sure thinks I'm his gf) didn't want to share my attention so he ended up in my lap. lol. It was cute.

Now what you've all been listening to my rambling BIG date for tomorrow night!
Without further ado, I would like to tell you that my hot date is to Sesame Street Live (in case you hadn't already figured it out). I'm going as fill-in mother to one of the boys I babysit and with 3 of the kids I babysit and their mother. It is going to be great to see them so excited! I will upload pictures after the date so you can see my favorite little guys, and little girl!

Have a great Hooker Boot Thursday tomorrow!

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  1. woot woot! sounds like you've got a super hot date on your hands!! have fun!


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