Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Love About Wednesdays...

I feel like such a loser running to the mailbox every day only to find bills. lol.
Why, oh why, have I not gotten my letter from Rose State yet??
They said I would hear something by the first week in March...this is the first flippin' week in March! lol. Tell me somethin! ha ha

Today, I will be starting my second job. Well, third if you want to count part-time babysitting, and fourth if you want to count teaching piano. I guess we'll count it as three jobs b/c piano and babysitting probably should only count as one. I haven't worked this much since my Junior in High School when I was working at the Real Estate/Insurance Agency, Pizza Hut, and babysitting. I am taking 18 hours of college classes, working three jobs, and teaching Bible school...I don't want to hear anybody tell me they're busy. lol. I'm not complaining though, I love being busy--I thrive in chaos.

If you didn't catch on to the title of this blog (knock-off of the song "What I Love About Sundays") you need to stop being lame and listen to the radio more. lol jk. But seriously...

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Why, you may ask?
1. It signifies I am half-way through with my week
2. I get to teach piano lessons
3. I get to see my precious kids in Bible school

I am currently trying to figure out my summer schedule--which proves to be very difficult since I don't know if I'll be here in the fall or not. I will be done with my business degree at the end of summer, but I don't want to graduate yet since I still have two more years of Dental Hygiene school left. This is technically only my third year of college, which means I still have two years of valuable OHLAP funding left--why let them go to waste?? lol. looks like I will be taking 16-ish hours over the summer and finishing up my degree, I just won't be graduating yet. lol. Unless I get accepted to DH school, which means I will probably drop a business class to take Anatomy (it will make my fall load lighter), and finishing up said business degree next summer.

My goal for the week:

If my mother can do it, I too can do it. I WILL figure it out.

Side note: I am becoming obsessive with "Words with Friends"...if you have an account, find me! Super Blonde is my screen name (I think lol)

Clue of the day: during my hot date, I will see Dorothy the Goldfish

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I'm bethanimal on words with friends, I'm starting a game! :)


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