Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale...

well...not quite, but it was a pretty good day despite having a HORRIBLE time at work. lol

Just call me Cupid.
Two of my dear friends had asked me find them a "good" significant other (just for clarity sake one was a girl, the other was a guy lol).
The girl, we'll call her "Mylee", wanted a good, hot guy who wasn't a douche (this is a very hard request seeing as I'm not sure there are many guys who aren't douches lol). Nevertheless, I told her I would find her one.
The guy, we'll call him "Kreston", had told me his list of traits a girl must have, and said I would be unable to find him one who fit the list--a challenge if I've ever heard one. lol.

So, I knew "Kreston" wouldn't be satisfied with just ANY girl...she had to be great.
I also wouldn't want to see "Mylee" dating another douche, so I knew I had to find her a good guy.
Then my light bulb lit up, an epiphany if you will; I realized I should set them up with each other! "Mylee" fit about 95% of "Kreston's" list and "Kreston" is one of the best guys I know.
The rest is history. I got them the connection, it is now in their hands. ha ha

Now I just need to wear an over-sized diaper and carry a bow and arrow...ehh...I think I'll pass. lol

So...guess what I got in the mail today??
If you guessed a letter from Justin...you're wrong (that should come soon)
If you guessed a letter from Kyle...you're wrong (that came yesterday)
If you guessed a check from Publishers Clearing House...you're wrong (but that would be awesome! lol)
If you guessed my letter from Rose State...you're right!!

And what did this letter say, you might wonder?
It said I got a call-back!!
I have an interview for the Dental Hygiene Program on Monday the 22nd! I'm so excited but also very nervous! I shouldn't be so nervous because even if it doesn't work out, I have a back-up plan (which I love), but I just want to be accepted so badly; I've worked so hard for this. lol. But, I still have a maximum of two months of agony before I know if I get accepted...ugh.
Oh well, good things come to those who wait...

Speaking of back-up plans, go watch the movie trailer for "The Back-Up Plan." It looks like a great move (what movie with J-Lo isn't great?), and I could totally foresee that being my future. ha ha. Deciding to get my own baby, without a guy, then the perfect guy showing up. ha ha.
Go watch it NOW. K? Thanks

My big date is TWO days away...it's almost time to reveal what you've all been waiting for...

But not tonight :)

Your clue for today is my big date includes a person (red in color) who just so happens to be very ticklish!

Think you have it figured it out yet?

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  1. haha this "mylee" girl and "kreston" guy sound pretty familiar, cupid. ;)


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