Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Hot Date

As promised, here are pictures from my hot date tonight...

Carsten and Alex excited to see Sesame Street Live!

My precious little boyfriend, Carsten

The twins, Teagie and Co-Co and their mom Jennifer

Carsten, Matthew, and Alex

Seriously though, are these not the cutest kids you've ever seen??
By the second half, Carsten was in my lap, fighting falling asleep. lol.
He was attached to my hip all was so adorable!
His grandma told me judging by the guys I've been attracting, I should wait for him to grow up and just marry him. lol. Slightly creepy...

On another note, Jennifer is one of the strongest women I know and the most amazing mother I know (other than my own, of course). She would do anything for her kids and you can see her love for them in her face. You can also see her love for God in everything she does. I only hope I can be as good of a mother as she is someday...

TGTIF--slight adaptation from TGIF...thank goodness tomorrow is friday :)

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