Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


McDonald's new size of fries.  
You could definitely call this "snack-size."
I'm thinking this stemmed from all of the people
who claim to have gotten fat by eating McDonald's...

Putting my hands up to a paper towel dispenser,
 expecting it to automatically give me a fresh towel, 
only to realize that it was an old school dispenser 
that makes you work to get a paper towel.
I felt dumb.
Might I add that I had already put my hands 
up to a different paper towel dispenser earlier that day,
 thinking it was a soap dispenser.  
A world without modern conveniences sure does confuse me.

Having a guy blatantly check you out as you walk down the hall.
I mean, full-on-undressing-me-with-his-eyes check out.
He didn't even avert his eyes or blink.
This guy was the epitome of game-less.
I was embarrassed for him. 

This one might be kinda hard to see, but...
apparently my school thinks I'm of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity
and in the "white" race group. 
I have no idea where they got that from, 
but I'm pretty sure I'm a white girl to the core.
(my dance abilities can prove it)


Buying my first pair of skinny jeans (EVER).
I was always too scared to buy/wear skinny jeans
for fear that I'd look like Kim K
(too much junk in the trunk).
But I finally conquered my fear and took the plunge.
I think that I pull them off pretty well:

Meeting Richard Street from The Temptations.
Working for a publishing company, sure has it's perks!!
Richard was very personable and funny, plus he sang for our office...
"My Girl" has never sounded better.
If you don't know who he is/who The Temptations are/
what song I'm talking about, 
allow me to recommend that you get acquainted 
with my good friend, google. 

Being SSSOOOOO close to having 100 followers
I'm not one to beg for friends, but...
Please send some friends my way! haha

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. 1. Why would anyone want snack size fries?
    2. I do that all the time. I also run my hand under the faucet expecting it to turn on for me. Never works.
    3. I love the skinny jeans.
    4. hey! We are literally SO CLOSE to 100.

  2. I'm mainly disappointed in the snack size fry thing. I need lots of fries! Also, worse than the automatic paper towel thing? When you think a door at a store is automatic and you stand there for a bit waiting for it to open. Yeah, I've done that more times than I care to admit.

  3. YAY for almost hitting 100!! Awesome.
    And yes, you rock the crap out of those skinny jeans. They. Are. Awesome.
    And I'm so jealous that you got ot meet Richard Street! Amazing.

    Once again, reminder for Sunday. Because I committed to reminding you. :)

  4. First ever pair of skinny jeans?!? I'll admit, they were an adjustment but now they are pretty much all I wear. Love them!!!

  5. That size fry is just enough to piss you off!! Why even bother? haha and I can't believe you are just now hopping on the skinny jean train. They look great on you :)

  6. Welcome to skinny jeans :) I love that you can dress them up or down!

    & what is with those dang fries? All I know is that when I go to Mc Donalds, they better be giving me a size that is A LOT larger than my hand!!

  7. I didn't hop on the skinny jean train til college! Everyone in high school wore them, but I never thought I could pull them off. Now I can't imagine living without them (ok, that is a little dramatic, but still lol). You totally can rock them!! You're so cute! And congrats to almost 100!! I am 10 away from 100 and it makes me so happy. Love my bloggy friends!<3

  8. Bahaha when did they start doing the snack size!? That made me LOL

  9. Love that you're rocking the skinny jeans now! I was nervous to start too, but I love them now!

  10. i have never heard of McD;s new fry size and we just went there tonight...weird. but i think it would be a nice size. also I thought i could never buy skinny jeans but i have 2 great pair of boots and couldn't wear my regular bought them and i actually don't regret it! you looks supper cute in them :)

  11. gosh, where do I start??
    a) what the hell are those fries??? If I'm gonna give in to the fried goodness, I need ATLEAST triple that.
    b) I'm sorry for the text message fiasco - you're talking to a girl that's done that too many times to count...
    c)SKINNNNNNNYYYYY JEANS! Go you! Looking FANTASTIC! I was blessed with boobs but no butt. WISH I could rock a pair of jeans with some junk in the trunk!
    d) If you guest post for me I might be able to get you those other two followers ;) Either way, I'll spotlight your blog in one of my next posts, so be on the lookout :)
    xoxo!! Happy (almost) Friday!

  12. haha have so many awkward moments during my week it's ridiculous. I say hey to at least four people I "think" I know (turns out they were the wrong person) every week, along with texting the wrong person, etc! The McD's fries are TINY how many fries do you get? Like 5?

    You're so close to 100! congrats it's a great feeling knowing people like what you have to say!

  13. Before you stop claiming me as a friend, I'm going to blog stalk all the posts I missed... haha!

    1. Euro-McD's haven't started "Snack-sizing" their fries yet! Woo!
    2. Euro bathrooms are WAYYYYY tech-savvy... something I love. haha! I'm going to be so lost and confused when I return to the states! :P
    3. LOVE the skinny jeans... I am OBSESSED with them and have been for a while now... they are literally all I wear anymore. I confess I'm one of those terrible girls that wear leggings as pants... but my bum is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS covered NO MATTER WHAT. I do not leave the house with my butt glaring through a too-sheer pair of leggings ;) That's nasty. COVER UP, ladies!
    4. And um, OMG YOU HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE HUNDRED!! LOOK! hahaha :)


  14. What a great Awkward/Awesome post! AND... you have over 100 readers now, and I'm one of them! I'm a new blogger too! (VERY NEW!) Check out my blog if you have time!


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