Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Confessions

I FINALLY got around to linking up with Alyx 
for Sunday Confessions...

1. I'm well on my way to being a hoarder.
Not in the "I need a tv show to intervene 
and get rid of my crap, 
before condemning my house-kinda way."
More as in the, "I save old products 
in case I want to use them again-kinda way..."
For example, I cleaned out my bathroom drawer:
Hello, my name is Alana 
and I'm a recovering beauty-product hoarder. 

2.  I'm a mascara-holic.
I could/would spend an hour doing my mascara 
if time permitted.
I can't help it--I like them to be long, full, and defined. 
Is that too much to ask?

3.  I'm obsessed with hairbows.
Not hairbows for grown-ups
(personally, I think that's a little weird);
I'm talking about hairbows on little girls!
Here's G's hairbow collection:
In case you can't tell by the picture, 
there's two layers of bows there!
She never leaves the house without a hairbow;
so of course, she has to have one for every outfit!

4.  I'm a selective texter.
I just invented that term,
but I imagine it to be like people who have selective hearing.
If I don't want to talk to you/don't like what you texted me,
I won't respond.
And when you keep sending me texts,
trying to get me to respond,
my patience wears thin.

5.  I'm pretty certain that I could live on pizza and/or cereal.

On another note...
Time is running out for you to claim
your February Button spot!
If you would like to swap with me next month,
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Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS ANYMORE!! Or at least that's probably what you're going to say pretty soon.... I'm obsessed with hairbows.... for myself. bahahaha! Yep... upcoming post about the lovely hairbow I bought for myself in downtown Catania while the hubs' friends were in town and then MORE pics to come featuring myself obsessively wearing it EVERYWHERE.... and then I may or may not have been on a crazy search for more the entire time we were in the UK! bahahaha Luck you, I didn't find anymore! But now that I know where to find them in Sicily.... You have been warned! :P


  2. i came across your blog this week and I'm so glad I did! I'm with you...I could live on cereal and pizza too. In fact before I read your post I was just thinking about how I (just me) downed an entire (large) box of Lucky Charms in a week & a husband and I easily consume twice that together. Ridiculous! I also love your hair bow collection! I teach elementary school and a handful of the girls in my class this year have a matching hairbow for their outfits. I absolutely love it. So cute! :)
    Check out my blog:

  3. Ahahaha, these are great. I too, could live on pizza and cereal. So yummy!
    And little girls hairbows are so frackin' cute!

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    2. PS: go you for remembering!! :)

    I am also a beauty product hoarder.. after our move, I realized I have 2 full plastic drawer organizers FULL of products I don't even use.
    It's embarrassing!
    ALSO. If I could, I would do my mascara for an hour each day too. I can't even tell you how many times someone has commented on how psycho I am about it, and how late it's made me in the past...
    Like, I CANNOT leave until I have it JUST right.

  5. Ok lady, pretty sure we are the same person. Selective texting....totally me. I chalk it up to me being a bad texter, but let's be honest, I text when I want to. Mascara, you know I use 3....and it takes me about 10 min as it is. Fortunately for me, I recently cleaned out my bathroom and forced myself to throw away perfumes/lotions/body washes that I knew had been sitting there that I wouldn't use anymore. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  6. Beauty product hoarder! haha That made me laugh a lot! I have to admit that I'm a mascara-holic as well, I literally have 4 different mascaras and apply all 4 before I go anywhere. Totally agree on living off of pizza or cereal, I'm sure it would do amazing things to our figures! ;]

  7. Hahaha the first picture looks like the underneath section of my bathroom sink! Well before I moved..I live in a tiny apartment now and was forced to throw my old stuff out :(

    Happy Sunday, girl!

  8. haha I like the selective texter term! That's cute, I do that too :-P come check out my blog sometime :):) I love yours!!

  9. I could easily live on cereal too! Can we still swap buttons for February??

  10. i also have a problem getting rid of face/bodyaproducts...i just keep them for the the one time i may need it again...i really need to get rid of a bunch of stuff! congrats on 100 plus followers girly! :)

    crap and I forgot to tell you what mascara i use. i use cover girl mascara waterproof in the purple container...i'm such great help right? but that is the kind i have been using forever

  11. I have WAAAAYYY too many beauty products haha, we can unite =]

  12. #1 = you and me both! my mom recently had to make me go through all my stuff and throw the old ones away, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

  13. Aww, LOVE this post! I do exactly the same thing: keeping products that I use again one day (but of course I never do). And I totally agree with you on the selective texting!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls


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