Monday, January 23, 2012

January Sponsors, Part Three

This is my last (but certainly not least) 
Sponsor Post for January.
I know y'all will love them!

First, we have Anna from Owls & Lace.
I've followed Anna's blog for a few months now,
and there's not a day that goes by 
that we're not emailing each other.  
Not only could this girl be Katy Perry's twin, 
but she is also hilarious and very Type A (like me). 
She has an awkwardly awesome obsession with owls
(in case you couldn't figure that out by her blog title).
This girl will not disappoint.

Meet the lovely, Miss Mallory
Mallory was one of the first girls to reach out and 
encourage me.  She has religiously followed my blog for as long 
as I can remember and is never too busy to comment.  
I have really enjoyed watching her blog grow
and I know she's destined for BIG things!
She has a heart of gold and is going to 
change the world with that degree in Social Work!  
Oh and she met her boyfriend at a wedding
(how stinking romantic)!!

Sarah, from Simply Sarah, is a girl after my own heart.
Not only is she a Southern girl, but she also loves 
the color pink, the beach, and shopping. 
You would think I had pulled that off of my blog!
Sarah is beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.
She has THE CUTEST dog ever and 
she is a little obsessed with football. 


Has anyone else noticed that Mormons 
always have the cutest blogs?
Valerie, from Taking a Bite out of Life, is no exception!
She's adorable, super stylish, and 
majorly artistic/creative. 
Not to mention, she's my partner for the V-Day Swap
(more on that later).

Last, we have Stormy from Life's a Dance.
This lovely lady is a Nurse from Wisconsin
(Is it bad that when I read her blog, 
I read it in a Wisconsin accent? lol).
She is a great storyteller and I can't help but laugh 
at some of her stories from work. 
She loves shoes (like me) and often gets herself 
into trouble with her sarcasm (like me). 

Go check these lovely ladies out;
they won't disappoint!  

Also, PLEASE make sure your 
email address is on your profile.  
I like to respond to your comments, 
but can't when you're listed as no-reply : (

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. It's the coolest thing ever to get on my computer to send you an email (WITH SCREENSHOTS!:O) , scroll through my blog reader, and see my face pop up. Just saying.

    And thank you for making me sound so cool. I'm impressed.

  2. Aw, I totally forgot to send you something! I love what you are seriously so sweet!! And girl, I'm not a little obsessed.... ;) I'm sure by now everyone knows of my love for Eli :)

  3. always happy to be introduced to new blogs!


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