Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Priorities are Whack

This blog is going to be directed towards our government and fellow Americans; I rarely share my opinions on the government because I really could care less. However, some things have been getting under my skin lately and I feel like I need to share them.

First of all, I'm all for supporting Haiti and the relief efforts down there, but what happened to helping out our own country? The year after Hurricane Katrina, I went down there on a mission trip. It was such a good experience and it was great to know I was helping out people in need. So I understand people wanting to help the Haitians but they also need to help the orphans, homeless, and sick people here in America. There are Americans trying to illegally smuggle Haitian orphans out of Haiti, while there are orphans in need of homes here. I mean, they even have a text message fund set up for the Haitians..."text this number to donate $10 to the Haiti fund." But I bet the people who set this fund up, don't even roll down their windows to give a homeless guy on the street $1 for a burger at McDonalds. President Obama is encouraging Americans to help the Haitians, but what about our fellow Americans in need? One might retaliate against my claims by bringing up the war and how we are still over there helping them. I would just like to say, I am not against the war...President Bush did what he felt necessary at the time and he left troops over there to help rebuild their economy. I respect that.

Secondly, why do they broadcast those dang "help the homeless/abused animals" commercials. I mean seriously?? You want me to donate money to a DOG?? Why do they stress spaying and neutering when they turn around and beg us for money to save the animals they encouraged us not to allow to be born in the first place? There are thousands of abused/neglected children in shelters all across the U.S. and you want me to donate money to a DOG instead of helping out a child in need. That is crap. Last time I checked the Bible told us to care for the orphans not orphan ANIMALS.

We, as Americans, need to get our priorities in line. This blog is not directed at anybody in particular, it's meant for mere motivation (for myself included). Why do we wait for a disaster to occur to help people? Shouldn't we reach out to help the less fortunate people every day? I am not trying to be self righteous by writing this blog; I too am in the wrong. However, I am trying to make a difference; I have donated money to the Haitian fund, I plan to be a foster mom soon, and I am going to start carrying McDonald's gift cards in my car to give to the homeless people.

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