Tuesday, February 9, 2010

27 & Knocked Up

I went to the Dentist today to get a cavity filled. As you all know, I love going to the Dentist but today was even better than normal! I got hooked up the nitrous oxide (which I love, but rarely get), then the Dentist came in. He started trying to match my tooth color so he would know what color to choose for the filling. He said he was having difficulty picking a shade because my teeth were so white. He asked me if I whitened them and I proudly said no. He ended up choosing the shade A1...the whitest there is :). Then he said, and I quote, "you have really nice teeth--a lot of peoples' teeth are sharp like fangs but yours are curved and perfect." lol. Umm...thanks? I'm glad to know I'm not a vampire. Then the Dental Assistant came in and immediately told me my hair was beautiful, that she loved my tattoo, and thought my sweater was the cutest thing ever. I guess today was compliment day? I'm glad I went to the dentist today because I was having a HORRIBLE day.

Which brings me to my second topic of the day....second chances. Do I believe in them? As of right now, I'm leaning towards no. I used to date on a three strikes you're out theory, however I would often give guys more chances than that. After giving an uncountable number of chances to one guy in particular (who will remain un-named), I have given up on people changing. Within the past month, two exes of mine have come to me wanting second chances. To one of them I replied, "that ship already sailed," to which he retorted, "ships can sail more than once." I merely said..."Not the Titanic," and that was the end of the that conversation. lol. The second one, I just kinda left hanging...I'm thinking really hard about giving him a second chance...

Life is too short to waste time on stupid boys. Especially boys who have had multiple chances and continue to blow it. So...as of right now, no, I do not believe in second chances.

Which brings me to my third topic of the day (the title of the blog). My dear friend Kelly brought this theory to my attention today and I loved it! I told her I was going to blog about it...hopefully she doesn't mind my name dropping. lol. Anyways, we were talking about second chances and how our mothers didn't properly prepare us for the non-fairytale reality of love. She said if she was still single by the time she was 27, she was going to find a hot guy and have sex with him in order to get pregnant. A little devious? Absolutely. But you have to give it to the girl for knowing what she wants. She said she wasn't going to tell him she had his baby so that she didn't have to deal with him and his parenting ideals. She would raise the (beautiful) baby on her own and make sure said baby knew that love was far from a fairytale. Man, I love Kelly and her brilliant ideas. For the sake of hot, unexpecting men everywhere, lets home she finds a good man in the next 6 years. lol. To avoid the devious aspect of this theory, I think I will just go to a sperm bank, then I can pick the man I want from a catalog ;).

Speaking of manipulative women, this brings me to my final topic of the day. We were talking about sexual harassment in class today and Dr. Elder was saying that often times it's the women who are harassing the men. I found this very humorous. First of all, kudos to the women for going after what they want. Secondly, what man in his right mind would turn a woman down when she offers him a promotion in return for sexual favors?? Seriously, there are men out there who are not only disturbed by this offer, but they also turn the woman in for sexual harassment! These men have got to be gay....
Disclosure: I do not agree with, or advice using sexual advances to further your carrier, I'm just making light of the situation.

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