Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Too Good For Leftovers

Something exciting happened to me today...

I ran out of shampoo and conditioner at the EXACT same time! This never happens! Usually I have a ton of leftover conditioner when you run out of shampoo, but not this time. I guess my hair has been extra conditioned lately? lol

Today, after hours of trying to dig my brother's truck out of the mud and having to resort to borrowing a tractor, I realized I don't have enough friends with big trucks. From now on, I think I'll make that a pre-requisite to be my friend.
Question 1: Are you crazy or have a background of being crazy?
Question 2: Are you a backstabber?
Question 3: Do you have a big truck?

Afterwards, we got into a discussion of the fact that I do not eat leftovers. My sister-in-law made mashed potatoes (one of my favorite things) and we had a ton left over, so of course we stuck it in the fridge. Andrew said, "I don't know why you waste your time saving leftovers mom, Lana won't eat them. It's like she thinks she's too good for leftovers." lol. He was absolutely right. The fact of the matter is that I DESPISE leftovers; aside from a few dishes, I just won't eat leftovers. When I'm in a restaurant and don't eat all my food, I never ask for a to-go box, I just throw it away. Most people would consider me to be wasteful, but I like to think of it as being conservative with what I eat. ha ha jk.

My hatred of leftovers can also be depicted in the real world. I hate "leftover" men. I can guarantee you, if the guy wasn't good enough for another girl, then he won't be good enough for me. Not that my standards are extremely high (we've gone over my standards before), but the truth is I don't want a partially used (never to be complete again) man. I want a whole man! lol. Preferably one with lots and lots of money. ha ha jk jk

I have two thoughts for today:

My first thought of the day is why do guys think they know what they want until they get it, and then they promptly decide they don't want it?
No, I'm not saying girls don't do this also (because I know we do), but today my rant is about guys. lol. My best friend had 3 guys fighting for her awhile back. Not fighting in the literal sense, although that would be pretty cool, but in the vying for her attention sense. She didn't know which one to choose so we literally created a tally to help her decide. One of the guys completely took the lead and impressed her. Like he did all the time, he asked her to choose him so she did, feeling as though he had earned a chance. Within two days of her choosing him, he gave the excuse that he wasn't over his ex-girlfriend and that it wasn't the right time for them to have a relationship. Why, then, did he try to get with her in the first place? Ugh. Oh well, his loss.

Thought Two: Why does everybody cheat on their significant others? I have been cheated on several times, and I know many other undeserving people who have been also. Why, when you choose to be in a monogamous relationship, would you cheat on them and expect them never to find out? Grow some balls and some decency and stick with the person you chose!

Clue of the day: My hot date includes twins :)

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