Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

I have a confession to make...

Last night, I had a blonde moment...these don't happen very often for me

I wanted to try waxing instead of shaving, so I was following the directions on what to do. Last time I tried this wax, it was just a sticky mess; however, I wanted to give it one more chance before it was banished to the trash can. Because it was so sticky last time, the container was still sticky and messy so (being the smart person that I am) I began looking around the kitchen for something to sit it on in the microwave. I looked at various lids and plates but didn't want to melt them or get them sticky. Then I saw a cardboard box and I thought "that would be perfect to use! I'll tear off a little piece and use it like a plate; I'm so smart." lol. I was very proud of myself. I stuck the wax container on the cardboard and in the microwave. Within 30 seconds, a horrible odor filled the house...yep, that's right, cardboard burns...lesson learned. ha ha. Just a side note, the house STILL smells like burnt cardboard (an entire day later) lol.

After the burnt cardboard incident, I attempted to use the wax...once again, it proved to be a sticky mess. After some help from a bottle of Goo Gone and my trusty razor, I was able to fix the mess. However, the bowl of wax was not so lucky; last night, the wax met it's new home...the TRASH CAN.

RIP Avon Skin-(Not) So-Soft Wax Kit...
You will not be missed...

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