Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered Why Little Kids Have Lemonade Stands and Sell it So Cheap??

Because lemonade sucks!
I feel as though life has been throwing lemons at me everywhere I turn. Not tomatoes, but lemons; nasty, sour lemons. I suppose I should really learn to like lemonade considering I just keep getting lemons...but I refuse.
Someday, life will throw sweet Strawberries at me. ha ha. That was retarded, I know...

The next paragraph will consist of my whines so you may want to skip over it...

1. I have had a migraine for the past 3 days...it's driving me crazy! I can't even sleep...
2. I have yet to hear from Rose State (given, I shouldn't hear from them until March, but still!!)
3. My amazing sister-in-law (one of two), Stormy, has a cancerous tumor in her head. I wish more than anything that I could take her pain away. I offered to dye my hair and cut it off to make her a wig but that still seems so miniscule.
4. My blood pressure has been really high lately (I'm on blood pressure medicine so it should be extremely low...but of course not...that's too boring lol).
5. Our receptionist at work quit so I have been doing double the work and it seems as though I can't please anyone.

There are three things that are getting me through this week:

1. My precious Bible school class who I will get to see tomorrow! It is so amazing to see children so young in their faith.

2. Oklahoma City Hockey (they are unnamed as of now)!! I know, they will not arrive until October but I'm sooo excited. When they cut the Blazers I assume they expected Blazers fans to convert to Oilers fans but they should have known that wouldn't happen. That would be like an OU fan becoming a Texas fan...just not gonna happen! lol. So, they caved and gave Blazers fans a new team!

Note: this is a Dallas Stars game (they are NHL). We will be getting an AHL team.

3. Jamaica!!! The second week in August, I will be laying on the shores of Ocho Rios, Jamaica...it can't come soon enough...

Now is the time I will share with you random knowledge I have acquired this week:
Scenario: You are from Oklahoma and you get in a wreck in Texas with somebody from Nebraska. The damages come out to be $60,000. You can file suit against them in:
1) Texas state courts (where the wreck occurred)
2) Nebraska state courts (where the defendant resides)
You cannot file suit in Oklahoma. Also, you cannot file suits in Federal courts because the amount of damages is under $75,000.

I bet you feel like you could pass the Bar Exam now!! ha ha

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  1. It's good to see people of faith in Oklahoma but to be excited about our new hockey team too Rock on! Do you like to be on the glass like me or do you like the higher ups where you can see everything in the game?


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