Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Lessons From Class, Edition 3

A conversation went on in class today that was HILARIOUS, I just had to share:

Teacher:  "When people put their marriages at the center of their lives, they are dooming them to fail.  After your first divorce, you will realize that your life isn't over, and you will move on.  The truth is, we set our little girls up for heartache by telling them that love is a fairytale and that their Prince Charming will come sweep them off of their feet.  However, in reality--none of us men are Prince Charmings, we will sweep you off of your feet by lying to you and telling you what you want to hear."

Kristina (fellow student):  "Can you make this sound a little more encouraging? I'm starting to get sad."
*With the saddest, Bambi just saw his mom get shot, look ever!

Teacher: *Shouting "NO!! It's not encouraging! Nothing about reality is encouraging! Love isn't perfect and marriage is hard!  Women put up a front that they're perfect and always beautiful with perfect hair and a perfectly makeup-ed face.  Truth is, when you wake up next to them they're not so pretty!  So you do what any normal person would do..."

Me:  "Divorce them?"

Teacher: *Laughing his butt off "Well hopefully you figure that out BEFORE you get married to them and you run, fast."

Kristina:  "I think couples should have to go camping for 3 days before they get married."

Shelby (fellow student): "No, because I would definitely break up with her then!"

Point and case.  Love sucks.

BTW, Kristina is still heartbroken that her bubble was burst and is set to get married in the Spring.

Oh how I love honest, straight-forward teachers.

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. Well, that makes two bubbles that are bursted then. Lol

  2. I have to say I am really happy being married. but i understand that that isn't always the case for everyone. I got lucky marrying my best friend from high school. He really takes care of me. And I don't look beautiful all the time even though he says I do. He likes me best in a tshirt and jeans or scrubs which i just find comfortable. I never have to dress up. hahaha


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