Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Will Never Forget

Lately, there have been several 9/11 documentaries on television, and being the nerd that I am, I have watched most of them. 

As I look back on the day, when our whole world stopped and we stood in terror, I remember exactly what I was doing.  I remember the fear and the pain that I felt, like it was yesterday.

While watching the documentaries, four big thoughts stayed in my mind...

1.  The men aboard Flight 93 are true heroes and make me proud to be an American.  They sacrificed their lives in order to save other people; while knowing that no matter what happened, they would never get to see their wives and/or children again.  They were successful in their mission of saving hundreds of people, by crashing the plane into an empty field. I only hope, they went down knowing they would forever be considered heroes.  

2.  Two of the worst positions to have been in on that day were to be 
a) above where the planes hit on the Twin Towers--to be able to look out your office window and know there was no way out, that you would eventually die, had to be terrifying.
b) the wives of the heroes on Flight 93--I know at least two of them received phone calls from their husbands telling them they loved them and that they were about to fight the terrorists.  To know that your husband is about to be killed, and that you can't do anything to help him, would have to be heartbreaking.

3.  The large number of firefighters/rescue workers who died that day in the process of saving others.  Obviously, they are heroes.  

4.  How surreal the whole thing was--4 terrorist attacks happened in the span of two hours.  The attacks were planned down to the second, intended to kill thousands of people and leave America in turmoil.

It breaks my heart to see how destructive and hurtful human beings can be.
It also terrifies me to know that there are terrorists living among us, planning their next attack...

May the victims and heroes of September 11 forever be remembered and may they rest in peace.


Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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