Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To Walk or Not to Walk...

Now that I've got my Graduation crap figured out and added a two hour tutorial, I get to Graduate in December!! Yay!

But now I'm faced with a decision...should I even walk at Graduation?

If you know me, you know I make lists, so here's my yes/no list...

Yes side: 
I've worked my butt off 
I actually finished a semester early--accomplishment (yay me)
You only graduate from college once (unless of course you keep going back for more degrees, like those 60 year old women in my classes)
I don't have good graduation pictures from my HS graduation, so this would be a cute photo-op

No side:
I feel no devotion to USAO--my heart remains at OC (I definitely would have walked there)
The cap and gown costs money that I could save, if I didn't walk
I don't have close friends who are graduating with me
I don't have a big family, therefore, the whole "family has to see you graduate" thing is insignificant to me.  After all, I will still get my diploma--that's the important thing
I really just don't want to sit through it...

So, you guys (my loyal readers) get to help me decide! Go vote on my poll, located on the right side of this page.  

Brief bragging moment: I already completed one of my final papers that isn't due until December :)

Oh, here's a picture of me and my puppy...isn't she cute??

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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